Client Testimonials

Engineering Industry

PMJ has been a perfect fit for this office.  We have an extremely unconventional business and office environment.  In the past, we had to ‘make due’ with the cookie-cutter policies that were offered to us, not knowing that there was anything better out there and not really having the time to shop around. Not only does PMJ offer us a policy tailored to our business, we get personal service  and competitive prices that no one can beat.

– Collin R., Engineering Firm Claremont, CA 91711

Manufacturing Industry


Thank you so much for your kind help. I have been involved with many insurance agents, but I have never received the kind of service which you have provided to us.

My experience with insurance agents is a complete lack of communication. They do not understand what I need and I do not understand what they are trying to sell to us.

You have saved us a bundle with the new workers compensation policy. I have been very unhappy with State Fund, but I had no idea what to do about it.

You have also saved us a bundle with the new premises policy. Our previous business agent was unwilling to cooperate with our needs. So I was forced to buy whatever they have to sell.

It is delight to receive such good service. I will be happy recommend to you to all my friends.

– Zachary, Coil & Semi Conductor Manufacturer, Anaheim CA

Health Care Industry

[Did you think] starting and managing a business of your own was going to be easy?

Of course, you have the right personnel in place, experienced physicians, technologists, front desk personnel and operations all lined up, all ready to do what was needed to be successful, you think you are ready to go.

But what about insurance?  Not only health insurance, but medical malpractice, facility, workers’ compensation and 401K/pension fund insurance?

With PMJ Insurance, everything was taken care of.  With all the pertinent questions asked, PMJ Insurance came back with the most comprehensive insurance but also the best rates time and time again.  They yearly go out to bid and get the best rates.

In addition, PMJ asked the questions to make sure that we were aware of any additional necessary coverage’s for our specific industry.

By receiving quarterly calls inquiring about our future plans such as expanding the business, adding additional services, increasing or decreasing payrolls, and any upcoming insurance legislation, PMJ has assisted us making good financial decisions for the company.

It is always reassuring to know that PMJ is looking out for us without us having to be the experts.

PMJ Insurance acts as our “10th” player on the field!

– Mary K., Healthcare Industry,  Mission Viejo CA

Service  Industry

Patty, I wanted to thank you for your professionalism and diligence.  We have known each other for a long time and you have been a true partner, rather than just another invoice to pay.  I know that better days are ahead for us and I will continue to sing your praises to other companies I am involved with.  Have a great weekend and I will look for your e-mail.


David A.  Alarm & Fire Suppression Contractor Whittier CA

Automotive  Industry

Purchasing a business for the first time was thrilling but a little scary. PMJ Insurance took the guesswork out of what coverage’s to buy, and what limits to purchase. They broke everything down so that I understood what I was buying.  At no cost they reviewed the insurance portion of my lease and made recommendations to my benefit.  Whenever I need to contact my broker they are on top of my account and know what’s going on.

~Rick L., Auto Body Shop –  Orange Ca