Trusted Advisors

The companies listed below have consistently demonstrated high standards of professionalism, extensive knowledge and experience, and dedication to customer service. We, on several occasions, have had the pleasure of partnering with these fine firms and have received compliments about them from our clients. We are, therefore, sharing their contact information should you need assistance in their areas of expertise.


The John Ellis Company is a CPA firm that provides accounting, tax, and tax controversy services for small to middle market companies. Their region of operations extends from California to New York and internationally. John Ellis Company assists small foreign to lower middle market companies in establishing a business presence in the United States, including assisting EB-5 Visa candidates.

Bezich, Urquidez & Salazar is a full service firm that specializes in accounting, audit and tax services for the business community. They educate their clients as integral members of their advisory team for the growth of their business and the protection of their family assets.


HR Advisors specializes in human resource consulting and HR on demand. They provide recruiting assistance to identify KEY Talent. Your People – Our Systems – Your success!


Assembly Pointe Financial is an independent financial services firm specializing in corporate benefits. Their advisors have been recognized as multi-year recipients of the “Orange Coast Magazine” Top Business Advisor Award.

Centurion Wealth Advisors specializes in wealth and retirement planning, serving individuals and business owners (including executives, attorneys, CPA’s, and physicians). Its mission is to help create, distribute and protect wealth for clients and their families while achieving long term personal goals.


Design Coalescence is a boutique design marketing agency in Irvine. It focuses on custom high-end brand marketing for client products and services, creating an image for SUCCESS.

NetImpact is a creative marketing agency based in Southern California that specializes in connecting businesses and their target markets with engaging and relevant digital and print media designs. The client company’s brand image and competitive advantages are woven into each touch point with the goal of piquing interest and converting audiences.